All testimonials are unsolicited. RFA Regulatory Affairs respects client confidentiality, so only given names and country of origin have been provided. These and many more original testimonials are all kept on file.

“Your attention to detail is amazing. I really enjoy working with your firm.  You have saved us from many disasters”.   Hanna.  (USA)

“Again as always, my sincere appreciation for all your help.  You have and continue to be a valuable resource”.  Glen. (USA)

“I always recommend RFA whenever anyone wants assistance with listable products. You're the best in the industry.  Cheers, Mark”.  (Australia)

“I am extremely appreciative of your thorough work, fast responses and friendly demeanour. When we are ready to go for Australia, there is nowhere else we will go to other than you. Furthermore, you will be our top recommendation to any other business that is looking to expand into Australia”.  Michael.  (Canada)

“It was great to have your people doing great training for us as well as providing very professional advices on the cosmetic projects we are working on”. Elvina. (New Zealand)

"We are very, very grateful for the great service you give us. We feel very lucky to have Australia's best regulatory consultant on our side! Thanks". Kylie. (Australia)

"It's gratifying and reassuring to know, when recommending your services, as I am able to do from time to time, that there are people of such excellent competence".  Rod.  (Hong Kong)

"Thank you for you gracious time and sharing of information during our visit to your offices. We learned more about your marketplace in our hour together than any other meeting in our entire trip to Australia and N.Z."   Charley.  (USA)

"I enjoyed our conversation and appreciated your concise and professional approach to solving our problem of getting appropriate regulatory approvals within Australia".  Larry. (Pakistan)

"We appreciate all you have done to help us be prepared for the audit. We are fortunate to have your expertise and assistance utilized in our behalf".  Kim. (USA)

"I just thought it was about time to mention a big thank you for your newsletters. We receive it faithfully every month and the information is great. We really do appreciate being on your mailing list".  Russell. (Australia)

"The consultant that I am recommending is Robert Forbes. His firm is one of the most established and in this area and very professional in their approach".  Clifford. (Singapore)

"I took a look at the vitamin convertor online- it is GREAT! Thanks for all you do for our industry".  Angela. (Australia)

"Thank you for your very prompt and professional response. The manner in which you reply only makes me want to work with you more. I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism".  Harold. (Canada)

"You don't how glad I am that I still have the opportunity to work with you and your staff again".  Tom. (USA)

"I don't know of any other consulting agency that can handle TGA listings as proficiently as Robert Forbes. We have used their services from the beginning".  Erik. (Australia)

"Incidentally, RFA is well known in the industry and has always been a preferred partner among colleagues doing business in Australia. With the onerous regulatory requirements associated with importation to Australia and becoming a foreign TGA approved manufacturing facility, we are fortunate that we partnered with RFA early on".  Jesse. (USA)

 "I've heard many positive things about your team and I'd like to thank all of you again for the successful completion of this project. We look forward to working with you again".  Xin. (Singapore)

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