Failing Food Reports November and December 2020

These latest reports detail food that was found to fail under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme. Once again, the usual pathogens were detected especially histamine, and the illegal addition of vitamins to foods including long grain rice from USA.     Source: November and December.


Department of Agriculture announces changes to import conditions of some types of animal products

This notice mainly affects birds nests, table eggs, and goods that are imported in temperature-controlled containers below 10°C, that are imported for human consumption. These goods will undergo a more rigorous inspection.   Source: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment


Department of Agriculture reviews biosecurity risks associated with importing dairy products

This review includes dairy products for human consumption manufactured from milk obtained from cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats.    Source: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment


Pregnancy warnings on alcoholic beverages

Businesses have three years from 31 July 2020 to implement the requirements, FSANZ has published guidelines on design elements of the label and downloadable labels, and Q & A on Code requirements for pregnancy warning labels.    Source: FSANZ


FSANZ Notifications and amendments

Call for comment on a new source for an enzyme processing aid - maltogenic alpha-amylase derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Call for comment for food from genetically modified herbicide-tolerant canola

New applications:

β-Galactosidase from Bacillus subtilis (Enzyme)

Alpha-amylase from GM Bacillus licheniformis as PA (Enzyme):

Beta-amylase from Bacillus licheniformis

Phospholipase A1 from Aspergillus niger

   Source: FSANZ media centre


New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry fines edible birds nest seller NZ$31,500

Birds nest are a potential source of avian pathogens.    Source: NZ MPI

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