Changes on testing of imported foods

Particularly relevant to powdered infant food formula (Cronobacter testing commenced and Salmonella testing continuing), infant follow formulas (Salmonella testing commencing) and milkfish (Chanos chanos) -antimicrobial residue testing commencing).    Source: Dept Agriculture, Water and the Environment


Proposed changes to regulation of electrolyte drinks – composition and labelling

FSANZ is proposing allowing manufactures to reduce sugar content and make label claims clearer to the consumer. They also propose to permit three specific health claims, and prohibit all other health claims.    Source: FSANZ


Failing Food Report – April 2021

Foods inspected at the border, includes risk food test results (prohibited plants, Salmonella and other pathogens including aflatoxin) and surveillance food test results (including additives and vitamins not permitted in certain foods).    Source: Dept Agriculture, Water and the Environment


Call for comment on food additive sweetener

An application has been received to allow an already permitted food additive sweetener (steviol glycosides) to be produced by fermentation from a genetically modified Yarrowia lipolytica strain.    Source: FSANZ


Approvals and amendments to the Food Standards Code

FSANZ notifications

FSANZ has notified these approvals to the Food Ministers’ Meeting:

A1210 – Maltogenic alpha amylase enzyme from GM Saccharomyces cerevisiae

M1018 – Maximum Residue Limits (2020)

New applications:

Application A1226 – Food derived from insect-protected corn line MON95379

Proposal P1056 – Caffeine review

Food code amendments due to:

Application A1204 – Beta-amylase from soybean (Glycine max) as a processing aid (enzyme)

Proposal P1051 – Code Revision (2020)


Current recalls

Five recalls added in June.    Source: FSANZ

RFA Breaking News

Cosmetic, Personal Care and TGA Listed Sunscreens:

New video explains the basics of AICIS registration This 2-minute video explains when you do – and don't – need to register your business with AICIS, and gives a quick…



Applications, approvals and amendments to the Food Standards Code FSANZ has commended assessing applications for: The steviol glycoside, rebaudioside I, produced by enzymatic bioconversion of stevia leaf extract. The bioconversion…


Complementary Medicines and Medical Devices:

New permitted ingredients for listed medicines The Permissible Ingredients Determination (ingredients that may be use in listed complementary medicines) has been revised. 61 ingredients have been either added to the…


Cosmetics, Personal Care and TGA Listed Sunscreens:

New sunscreen standard in force New sunscreen standard in forceThe new sunscreen standard, AS/NZS 2604:2021, specifies requirements and test methods for broad spectrum and water resistant sunscreen products. Includes labelling…



New biosecurity website A new website - - details measures in place to protect Australia from harmful pests, diseases and weeds. This gathers information previously found on different state…


Complementary Medicines and Medical Devices:

Hemp seed oil - change of status An interim decision has been made to exclude hemp seed oil from Schedule 9 of the poisons schedule whe used for oral consumption…


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