Accord Launches BeadRecede - An Initiative for Responsible Industry Action on Plastic Microbeads

So, what’s the deal with plastic microbeads? Well, firstly there is a growing issue with plastics of all types, not just exfoliating beads in facial scrubs, getting into the marine environment. And related to this is the characteristic that plastic materials in general neither break down nor biodegrade with any ease, once they are in the marine environment. All of which can be bad news for our oceans. On 25 November 2016 Australia’s environment ministers formally endorsed a voluntary industry phase out of plastic microbead ingredients from cosmetic, personal care and household cleaning products. To help raise awareness of the minsters’ goal and facilitate widespread participation in the voluntary phase out project Accord Australasia has recently launched the ‘BeadRecede’ initiative. Via BeadRecede Accord is encouraging companies to actively support the phase out timing announced by Australia’s environment ministers, as relevant to the products they make and supply.    Source: Esprit BeadRecede    Editor’s note: Accord Australasia is the peak national industry association representing manufacturers and marketers of hygiene, cosmetic, and specialty products, their raw material suppliers and service providers.

Senate Committee Inquiry on Industrial Chemicals Report Tabled

This report concerns the legislation Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 and the related Senate Inquiry, which is due to report on Tuesday 8 August.    Source:Chemical bills

Canadian Cosmetics Industry Group Undertakes Name Change

CCTFA (Canadian Cosmetics, Toiletry & Fragrance Association) is now known as CAC (Cosmetics Alliance Canada):


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Complementary Medicines ("Dietary supplements"):

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Cosmetics (& Household cleaning products):

  ACCC Concludes Investigation Into ALDI 'Flushable' Wipes The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has completed its investigation into ALDI’s ‘flushable’ wipes and will take no further action after ALDI…


Marketing News:

  Marketing Claims Under Scrutiny at Upcoming Colmar Brunton Event Market research agency Colmar Brunton has announced a Melbourne seminar on how to make substantive marketing claims. To be held…


RFA Sends Condolences:

Robert Forbes and all of our associates are aware of the great tragedy that has recently unfolded in USA. As regular visitors to Supply Side West at the Mandalay Bay,…


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